Around the World in 100 Hours: Qatar Airways First Class Doha to Dubai

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Qatar 106
Doha (DOH) to Dubai (DXB)
Monday, May 27th, 2013
Depart: 8:20am
Arrive: 10:30am
Duration: 1h 10m
Aircraft: Boeing 787
Seat: 4K

I was super excited for this flight, being that it was my first time on a Boeing 787.



The 787 is a two-cabin plane for Qatar, but they sell the premium cabin as First Class instead of Business. I’m not entirely sure what this will mean for redemptions once Qatar joins OneWorld, but it does mean that you get access to the First Class Lounge in the Premium Terminal, and the service (although maybe not the hard product) was what I would expect from a First Class product.

My first impression of the cabin was that it was quite spacious. There are no overhead bins over the center seats, and the other overhead bins close up at a steep angle, so it just felt like there was a lot of space.

Business/First Class cabin

First Class cabin

My seat, 4K

My seat, 4K

Lots of legroom, but the table seemed immovable

Lots of legroom, but the table was immovable

The seats are arranged in a reverse herringbone position, similar to the US Airways Envoy cabin or Cathay Pacific’s new business class. While they’re not incredibly private seats, everyone gets direct aisle access, and all seats recline fully flat, so it’s a pretty darn comfortable way to travel.

Seat in fully reclined position

Seat in fully reclined position

Dimmed window vs not

Dimmed window vs not

If there’s one flaw that I saw, it’s that the entertainment screen and part of the tray table were immobile, which meant that it felt slightly constrained for my legs when fully reclined.

As part of the cabin, there are also two seats in the very back by themselves. I could see it as being somewhat novel if you’re traveling with someone else to get those two seats, as it does feel like a little bit like your own mini-cabin.

There's a pair of honeymoon-ish seats at the back of the cabin

Pair of honeymoon-ish seats at the back of the cabin

The service on the flight was amazing, and I’m amazed by how much they did on such a short flight. The flight was only booked for a little over an hour, which meant that the actual flight time was more like 40 minutes.

Prior to departure, the main flight attendant serving my aisle went around and introduced herself to each passenger in her section. She noticed that I was taking so many pictures, so we had a nice chat about our excitement at flying the 787 (it was only her second time).

We started off with dates and coffee. Although I don’t drink coffee, I felt obliged to take some, which made me feel a little guilty when the flight attendant looked a little sad that I didn’t finish my small cup prior to takeoff.

Turkish coffee and dates prior to departure

Turkish coffee and dates prior to departure

After takeoff, the flight attendants went into high gear, as there was a full breakfast service during our very short flight.

Breakfast menu

Breakfast menu


Arabic breakfast plate

Krug! On a 40 minute morning flight!

Krug! On a 40 minute morning flight!

While I loved the service and the fact that I could order Krug for breakfast, I didn’t actually like the food that much. The makdous was incredibly salty, and I’m not a huge dairy person, so I ended up mostly picking at my plate.

Before I knew it, we were making our descent into Dubai, and I had to bid adieu this awesome plane and crew. I would definitely like the chance to fly the 787 on one of Qatar’s longer routes, which are many of the routes to Europe.

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