Thailand 2014: Louis’ Tavern First Class CIP Lounge at Bangkok Airport (BKK)

BKK has a lot of different lounges, including 4 locations of the Louis’ Tavern CIP First Class Lounge. The one that I visited was near the G gates, and I used my Priority Pass Select membership to get access.

Louis' Tavern CIP Lounge Entrance

Louis’ Tavern CIP Lounge Entrance

The lounge that I went to was just a single room, and it felt relatively small. Given it’s location in the airport, there weren’t any views to speak of, and the room felt pretty dark.

Seating in the lounge

Seating in the lounge

The food options consisted mostly of various kinds of sandwiches, along with some pastries, one hot item, one soup, fresh fruit, Nestle ice cream, and yogurt. There was also the typical selection of beer and liquor, as well as a drink called miracle water.

Sandwiches and pastries

Sandwiches and pastries

Hot items

Hot items

Fruit and food area

Fruit and food area



Other beverages

Other beverages and ice cream

The lounge itself wasn’t very crowded, which is possibly due to the fact that they have 4 of them throughout the airport. Each lounge is open 24 hours, which can be helpful for those odd itineraries, but there’s not really any where to stretch out, so I wouldn’t recommend these lounges if you’re looking for a place to sleep.

Another view of the lounge (it's not that big)

Another view of the lounge (it’s not that big)

Overall, it’s definitely better than waiting in the airport, and it’s a solid Priority Pass-accessible lounge, but it’s nothing special. I would also probably not recommend these lounges for people who are trying to overnight at the airport, as I imagine it wouldn’t be very comfortable.


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